Hey all of you lazy people. Come to New York where you can sit on your fat ass and make $15 an hour!! Who did not see this coming? With the constant  protests of the union thugs of the SEIU and their lapdog in Albany, Andrew Cuomo, this was bound to happen. Continue reading

People are always looking to going to business. Well the people who want to control their own destiny are the ones were looking to going to business for themselves. On this blog we've discussed different types of businesses as far as the overall model is concerned. We have discussed network marketing and traditional businesses. Some traditional businesses which includes franchises have a very large start a crossed. Sometimes when a person looks at the start of coarse it just scares them for me that entering anything. The great news is that all businesses need 100,000 in cash or more in order for start up to be successful. One case in point is the window tinting business. Continue reading

Everyone this is Tommy. I am back!! Just been vacationing for a little and now I have to spew my little rant. This rant is brought to you by the Supreme Court ruling and it's redefining marriage. I can also talk about the Obamacare ruling. Let's stick with the Supreme Court ruling as far as redefining marriage. (Unless I decide to rant off-topic) Broken Justice Continue reading

Hey this is Tommy of To The Chest. I just want to talk about something interesting that I think years possibly seeing in the news. And it is about the Donald a.k.a. Donald Trump. Now you'll hear a lot both for and against Mr. wonderful. Some people cannot understand why so many people like him. You hear he's racist, condescending, bigoted, full of himself with an ego bigger than Mount Everest. Oh I'm sorry, Mr. President bubble head just change the name to Dinali with an executive order. Ain't that quaint!! Getting back to Mr. Trump. He may be a little of some of these things. He does seem he believes to know better than anybody else, implying that unless he knows you you're an idiot. But that's really not the issue is it? If you take a look at his recent poll numbers, there's a reason why so many Americans are attracted to him. How about being tired of establishment politicians always going back on their word. Let's take a look at the Republican Party. They  say that their values are, pro-life, pro-business, smaller government. Now the question is have they actually accomplish anything since the 2014 midterms? And what I am referring to is have that passed or blocked legislation, nominees etc, based on the platform that they ran on?   Continue reading

Tree Removal Service is one of those things that sometimes people will tree and skimp on.

You see it all the time here in Highlands County, people will look through craigslist, Google, and just shopping and dropping to see if they can get the cheapest tree removal service here in Sebring, Avon Park and the surrounding area. Do you really want to do that, especially here? There are so many tree’s here that all you need is for one to go Helter Skelter on you and that is it. Tree Removal Service Now why would anyone want to go with either someone who sucks at tree removal service and is not a licensed Service or is not insured is beyond me. What happens if that guy with the beer gut and pickup truck with the magnetic sign for slick Joe’s Tree Service does a crappy job and smashes your white picket fence with crappy Tree Trimming? How much would that cost you to replace it? Have you looked a fence prices lately? Unless you have extra money to burn on a crappy tree cutting service, I would not suggest it.   Continue reading