Starting a Window Tinting Business

People are always looking to going to business. Well the people who want to control their own destiny are the ones were looking to going to business for themselves.

On this blog we've discussed different types of businesses as far as the overall model is concerned. We have discussed network marketing and traditional businesses. Some traditional businesses which includes franchises have a very large start a crossed.

Sometimes when a person looks at the start of coarse it just scares them for me that entering anything. The great news is that all businesses need 100,000 in cash or more in order for start up to be successful.

One case in point is the window tinting business.

Before we get into this type of business, it is a business that requires some sort  skill. So unless you know somebody who has the practice and skill in the car window tinting business, or as a matter of fact any other type of window tinting whether it be for home, business, boat, etc., I would advise you to practice tinting maybe your own car windows or practicing on somebody's junker.

There are plenty of DIY courses online or just search for YouTube videos that will show you how to tint windows. If you are lucky enough to get somebody to show you then that would be awesome. Also you can take a look at your community colleges and local vocational schools to see if they have a course on window tinting.

One of the great things is you can purchase precut window tinting Kits, whether for car, home or business window tinting jobs. Obviously you will pay more per square foot for the precut window film, but it will also make your life easier. This especially works if your business is mobile. Now if you buy window tint film rolls, you can reduce your costs and increase your profit. But this requires a certain amount of skill to prevent waste and to make the cuts accurately and fairly quickly.

Another thing you may be able to do instead of you yourself learning how to tint autos, homes and businesses, is to find somebody who already knows how to do it.

Now you maybe saying "I can't afford to hire anyone". Who said you needed to hire anybody? Why not just offer them a percentage of the profits so the more work they do the more they earn..

If you don't know of anybody from the top of your head, just ask around. Or you can look on Craigslist. Now the only thing with getting somebody you don't know is you may want them to sign a non-compete clause. The last thing you want is for them to steal your customers.

Now if you don't have a place where you can apply the window tint, you can either make your business mobile service or you yourself can rent a garage. If you are using the mobile business model, make sure that you have a decent looking car and that it is tinted out spectacularly!

Now if you don't have the money to rent a garage maybe you can find somebody who's willing to rent out a portion to you. You don't necessarily have to be a look for a mechanic's garage. What you are looking for just needs to be a place where you can drive your car in and has work space for you..

You can also make some sort of arrangement with the garage owner instead of prepaying maybe you can post pay and as the business improves, you can change the payment arrangement to prepaying for the space.

I don't want what I put down here to be the end-all solutions for starting a window tinting business. As I write this blog post, I'm just coming up with ideas which is the most crucial thing in any business. That is imagination. Without imagination you are eventually going to hit a wall.

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