Septic Service Cleans the Massive Smell

Lets be real. A cesspool service, is not something that we actually dream about from time to time. Probably just when the crapper is not working.

When I bought my house years ago that was one of the last things I thought of as part of a home inspection. You just assume that your cesspool and septic system is going to work.

Thank God for home inspectors because the last thing you want is human submarines coming up the drain.

Suffice to say my cesspool tanks where old. The septic tanks were leaking. This was just not looking good for smelling good by the way.

So dealing with the asking price of the seller, I needed to figure out if he was going to fix this crap storm of a cesspool system.

The only thing that's coming in my mind is if I needed a complete cesspool replacement! Wow, the home I really want and the most important part of it, the library plumbing is hosed.

So I need to do a bit of research on the cesspool companies on Long Island. There is quite a few and they all basically do the same thing, which is fix all the crappy issues, pardon the pun or the dung to be precise.

I already had a feeling that having a cesspool installation done was not going to be cheap. I know whatever the final cesspool replacement cost had to be factored into the overall purchase price of the home.

So going to this process I get a lesson in cesspool systems. Here in Suffolk County, New York, What everybody calls a cesspool system is actually a combination of cesspools and a septic system. Well let me correct that. If the house was built before 1973 it's only going to contain cesspools. Those are those big concrete cylinders that you wondered if the neighborhood drunk is burying bodies there.

In homes built after 1973, cesspools are basically just overflow pits. The septic tank really handles most of the nasty work.

So actually, my problems may actually be worse. For my minimum of septic tank pumping or septic tank cleaning to a very expensive septic tank installation.

So so back to dirty duty, googling on the Internet trying to find a company that is professional and not run by a bunch of inbreds.


There were a few cesspool and septic companies on Long Island that seem promising. After speaking with a number of them on the phone, I started wondering if any of them passed third-grade.

I did find one company, Cesspool Service Long Island, that actually seen to have their crap together.

So dealing with the septic system, if it was possible what would be the septic tank cleaning cost.

Well I wasn't too surprised. I did not know if septic tank pumping would be sufficient enough just due, to all the damage and rot on the existing system.

Also, an inspection needed to be done to look for any blockage or septic tank bubbling. At that point, the potential costs for a septic tank installation could be discussed and also as to whether it would even necessary. Hopefully pumping was the only thing that was needed. So the guy from Cesspool Service Long Island takes a look at the system. He opened the septic tank cover and the cesspool cover. Wow, the smell that emanated from this putrid sludge.  I would take septic tank pumping any day then to deal with having the yard torn up in order to have the complete cesspool and septic system replaced.

The septic system pump was checked, so were the pipes and the rest of the system. Well just in case you think I watched the entire debauchery take place. Are you kidding me! There is no way I could watch or even handle the smell of all of the floater’s that were down in that hole.

No wonder cesspool and septic companies make so much money. The people who complain that some of these Suffolk county cesspool companies charge too much should just do try and do the work themselves.

Could you actually open up a septic tank hatch and pump out all of that sludge without barfing? I do not really understand how these guys actually do it if it were not for the money. You could never pay me enough to do any type of cesspool service.

So, I am still wondering about the potential costs. Purchasing a home is a big deal. I love this 3 story Tudor home, with it’s majestic backdrop of the Long Island sound. It’s marble floors, cathedral ceilings. Do you really think I am getting to let something as silly as let’s say, septic tank cleaning,, ruin my fun?

So, it looks like now I may not need total septic tank replacement or cesspool replacement. That is good news! But there is still an issue overall with this system. The owner explains to be hydro-jetting as an alternative to costly cesspool pumping and septic tank pumping.

So basically, the it works is that water and sulfuric acid is pumped into the sand at the bottom of the cesspool. This is supposed to restore the drainage that all of the past years of bad meatloaf dinners completely screwed up.

Who would have thunk it? I mean the fact that Aunt Betty’s goulash is actually fermented deep in the earth. Do I really needed a Suffolk county cesspool company to tell me this?.

So now that my cesspool inspection is complete, it appears that I can sleep better know that I do not have an enormous septic tank cleaning cost. It was not something so major that I needed to walk away from the home of my dreams. I could rest, that my throne will not talk back to me!

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