I am Lazy.. So Pay Me!!

Hey all of you lazy people. Come to New York where you can sit on your fat ass and make $15 an hour!!

Who did not see this coming? With the constant  protests of the union thugs of the SEIU and their lapdog in Albany, Andrew Cuomo, this was bound to happen.

I'm not even sure that this is constitutional, from a state level or federal level. Damn the constitution!! As if progressives ever cared about the constitution, especially if it hindered their agenda.

Cuomo got the states fast food wage board to recommend raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour in New York City by the year 2018 and in the rest of the state by 2021.

Holy crap!! This state is going to be filled with the biggest losers! How does anyone think that that by raising salaries of something that's extremely unskilled to $15 an hour is going to solve anything?

Do they not realize the price of that Big Mac is going to increase significantly? Do these nutty Progressives believe that people are willing to pay a mini fortune for mediocre to substandard food?

Do they think business owners don't understand this and they will find a way to automate as much as possible?

If I own fast food restaurants in New York I would be doing one of two things right now. First, I wouldn't launch a lawsuit in both state and federal courts asked to the constitutionality of a state agency regulating salaries.

But with the way things have been going in the courts lately, I would not put all my eggs in that one shaky basket.

Now if I were a business owner that was forced to pay someone $15 per hour to flip a process burger I would be thinking my way out of this.

Do these knuckleheads at the SEIU really believe that plans are in the works to reduce the amount of fast food workers?


How about fast food joints being as automated as possible. There's a restaurant called Eatsa in San Francisco where there is barely any human interaction at all with the customers with the exception of a concierge.

McDonald's has a restaurant in Phoenix Arizona that is one entirely by robots. There goes your $15 an hour!!

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