The Importance of Voting

It is about that time when both the elderly and the energetic young members of the society line up, eager to send their favorite candidate to the top office. The long queues, the last-minute campaigners, the impossible-to-believe undecided’s timidly holding out, third-party hopefuls and their passionate votes, and conspiracy theorists all characterize this historical period.

Facebook and Twitter are buzzing with the elections while online Blogs and Newspapers are fighting to tell the tales. In fact, virtually every TV and Radio station will be keeping everyone updated, and there's no scarcity of coverage on all this rushing around. But besides the bustling environment, what importance does voting hold in today’s society?

Importance of Voting. Voting Keeps the System Going

For an 18-year old holding that ballot paper for the first time, it is a moment worth remembering, fulfilling their greater democratic mandate. Voting is that vital process that keeps the system going. An election is the only way the common man is granted the opportunity to have his voice heard; choosing who will stand in and represents his interests to the fullest.

Voting Is Your Democratic Right And Responsibility

I myself feel very strongly that voting is every citizen’s right and duty. It is the basis of democracy, where free and fair elections are conducted. While many people derive lots of pleasure participating in the national elections, the real deal lies in the local votes. From gubernatorial elections downwards, they are definitely what will determine your life.

It is where your voice is the most important since you have a direct influence on who will carry the day. Therefore, even though elections might appear messy, everyone has the right to vote and choose their preferred candidate without fear or favor.

The Only Technique of Getting Rid Of The Inept And Substituting With The Competent Is By Voting

Since voting is your democratic right and responsibility, failing to vote in an election is like allowing the wrongs and misdeeds to thrive. The surest way of eliminating bad leaders in the society for the good is by voting them out. Although no one who skips voting is allowed to complain after a candidate is elected, to avoid the grumbles, they must ensure that their vote gets on the ballot as well. Voting, therefore, isn’t a requirement; it is a responsibility, an obligation and a part of the bigger picture.

Voting Serves To Liberate the Masses, the Humble And Oppressed

Voting is not a competition for superiority, at least in the real sense. It is the act of choosing who to free you and even though your preferred candidate fails to win; that doesn’t necessarily translate to the fall of the authority. From each one’s strategy, it is apparently clear that no one plans to plunge the country into turmoil. It is only a matter of dissimilar ideologies. Therefore, there’s no point of being a pessimist and choosing not to vote because your candidate won’t outsmart the other one.

It Is Educative

Voting stimulates that curiosity, the urge to differentiate the real from the fake and who has our interest at heart and who simply wants to be the boss. Thanks to the web, the internet never lies and searching them up will enable you to make that sound democratic decision. Election brings a lot of issues into the light of the day; the raging debates, the high-octane conferences, and the truths and half-truths about a given candidate.

Additionally, through an election, there’s extensive education, primarily through all the leading sources of information. Candidates’ websites have their manifestos, making it easy to compare and contrast who deserves to be voted into the office and who is a joke.

Voting Unites All Countrymen And Women

As expected, the society will never run out of a gullible pessimist who believes that whether you participate in an election or not, the society will never change. Such is common in states where political analysts and pundits consider a given candidate’s stronghold.

While the statement might be true in the case of an opposing party’s follower, everything coming from either side of the paper will utterly get into that ballot box. By voting, therefore, you are among the masses breaking the norm and making history, unlike staying in your comfort zone and letting others determine the future for you. Voting Is the Basis of a Thriving Economy A functional democracy plays a critical role in the eventual betterment of a state. It is plainly true that electing a bunch of corrupt office bearers will milk the country dry, limiting the economy’s growth. Additionally, the independent organizations sector fancies working with a transparent system. Electing a system that’s not effective is equal to hindering the overall growth level of an economy. The authorities will be in charge of driving the country, including making those significant economic decisions.


It is apparently true that voting is the building block of an efficient government. While every vote counts, everyone is expected to exercise their democratic right. An effective management means proper strategies that enable the growth of the economy hence enhanced standards of living. Additionally, even though you are confident that your preferred candidate won’t win, voting unites all the participants, and they're no benefits shunning voting.

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